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Travel Guide: 8 Best Places to Visit in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is bustling with nostalgia of a bygone era. From Hoi An’s picturesque canary yellow houses to the Imperial Citadel of Hue, Central Vietnam boasts no less than 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites—no other place in Southeast Asia compacts such a diverse and rich cultural heritage which can be realistically experienced in one short…

10 Reasons Why Padang & Bukittinggi are Food Heaven

West Sumatran cuisine is delicious. Home to CNN’s #1 best cuisine in the world, the mouth-watering rendang in Padang and Bukittinggi is now a common staple all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But unlike anything you’ve tried in local kopitiam, the original Minangkabau cuisine here is prepared with a delicate mix of spices which are sure-fire winners!

8 New Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

It’s time to refresh your bucket list and brave a different kind of adventure beyond the classic destinations. Not sure where to start? Dive into our picks for up-and-coming 2018 destinations below and start booking your flights.

2017 Future Mainstream Classics

[Image Credit: Praying Official Video] 2017 is an idiosyncratic year. It’s the year that mainstream becomes uncool. Katy Perry went “woke pop”, Kesha dropped the dollar sign, Lady Gaga became Joanne, Miley Cyrus stuck her tongue back in to embrace her country roots. In attempt to establish “indie cred”, some artists got it right. But…