My 11 Most Memorable Travel Misfortune, Part 2

I have enough misadventures that it just won’t fit into one post without getting too long. Maybe some travel insurance should now hire me to be their poster child and star in advertisements for how NOT to travel.

So without further ado, here’s the next 6 of my most memorable travel misfortune.
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My 11 Most Memorable Travel Misfortune, Part 1

Travelling isn’t always glamorous.

If you travel frequently, you’ll soon realize that things which could go wrong, will go wrong. But that’s just the reality of life. And every single time it happens, it shapes you up to be a stronger person and better problem-solver.

This time, I’m gonna share with you the 11 times it get real ugly for me. I’ve learned to laugh these off and hopefully you’ll learn how NOT to travel from my experience. Continue reading

7 Things I Can’t Wait to Do in Jordan, Morocco & UAE

My life has taken many twisted turns in recent months, and all of a sudden, I find myself on a crazy voyage to three Middle East countries in a week’s time! This is definitely gonna be my biggest adventure yet…

…well, either this or my 11 European Countries in 31 Days trip.

There are so many amazing things I can’t wait to do, but here are seven highlights from Jordan, Morocco and United Arab Emirates which I can’t wait to experience! Continue reading

Greece Day 6: Postcard from Perissa Beach

Perissa is a nice little surprise.

It wasn’t even on our original itinerary. But after the Red Beach of Akrotiri, hiking 8 hours from Fira to Oia, and cruising across 4 Santorini islands, this is the much needed break before we ended our Santorini journey. Continue reading

Greece Day 6: Santorini Volcano Tour & 4-Island Cruise

Did you know that Santorini is actually made up of not one, but several islands? When people say Santorini, they usually refer to Thira, the largest of the volcanic archipelago.

Lesser known, but no less beautiful, are the islands of ThirassiaNea Kameni, Palea Kameni, Aspronisi, and Christiana. I had the chance to cruise Thirassia, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni before arriving at Thira’s Ammoudi Bay—and here’s my first-hand recount of the experience. Continue reading