7 Days Nature Photography Challenge

A friend of mine nominated me for “7 Days Nature Photography Challenge” on Facebook quite some time ago. I thought it would be fun to join the tag, and since it’s completed, I figured I’d share this with you on my blog. =) Continue reading

40 Countries to Visit Next [Travel Bucket List Ideas]

As I bid farewell to 25 and prepare myself for the next quarter of my life, I think it’s finally time to post my own bucket list of countries I wish to visit in the next 25 years.

It’s been a lot of fun creating this list and it helps to bring back my travel spirit after a few recent hiccups. Yes, it’s not 100% feasible to accomplish everything before 50. But it’s a nice reference of ideas to inspire my next adventures, and hopefully inspire others too. Continue reading

When Travel Goes Wrong

Most people go home with lots of photos after their holidays. I went home with lots of scars to remember my last trip by. Continue reading

My 11 Most Memorable Travel Misfortune, Part 2

I have enough misadventures that it just won’t fit into one post without getting too long. Maybe some travel insurance should now hire me to be their poster child and star in advertisements for how NOT to travel.

So without further ado, here’s the next 6 of my most memorable travel misfortune.
Continue reading

My 11 Most Memorable Travel Misfortune, Part 1

Travelling isn’t always glamorous.

If you travel frequently, you’ll soon realize that things which could go wrong, will go wrong. But that’s just the reality of life. And every single time it happens, it shapes you up to be a stronger person and better problem-solver.

This time, I’m gonna share with you the 11 times it gets ugly for me. I’ve learned to laugh these off and hopefully you’ll learn how NOT to travel from my experience. Continue reading