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A lively weekend in glittering Jakarta

Jakarta is a city of many faces with towering skyscrapers and well-preserved historic monuments inhabiting the city centre side by side. Beyond the heavy traffic, the Indonesian capital hides a bustling art scene, glittering nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines and countless shopping paradise.

4 Days in Belitung, the Seychelles of Asia

Dramatic granite boulders rising vertically towards the sky, snorkelling in pristine turquoise water admiring coral reefs, relaxing under the palm trees as you sip tender coconut water directly from the shell—Belitung is the secret tropical paradise you’ve never heard of.

4 Days in Lake Toba, World’s Largest Volcanic Lake

North Sumatra is the site of Earth’s largest known supervolcano eruption in at least 25 million years. It spewed out ashes reaching as far as Africa and left behind a huge crater twice the size of Singapore, which became known as Lake Toba today. The massive eruption has also reshaped the region into a province…

A bizarre Chinese New Year celebration in Singkawang

Are lanterns, lion dances and fireworks too mainstream for you? In Singkawang, not only do they have the biggest Chinese New Year celebration in all of Southeast Asia, but they celebrate it on a grotesquely outlandish scale. At the peak of the celebration is the Tatung parade at Cap Go Meh festival, where more than…

10 Travel Resolutions for 2017

Because we all need some resolutions to help us move forward. Here are what I aim to achieve for my travel adventures in 2017: