First 2016 Destination: Seychelles? No, It’s Indonesia

Postcard-perfect tropical beaches with huge granite boulders jutting skywards along the clear, blue coastline.

Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung, Indonesia[Image Credit: Virgianti]

The picture could’ve fooled you into thinking that I’m heading to Seychelles, but really, this beach is some 3,600 miles away from that famed East Africa honeymoon paradise.

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2015: My Kiasu Travel in Review + Win a Free Giveaway for Your 2016 Trip Planning

38 days on the road. 7 countries visited.

2015 is my best traveling year so far. For someone with a 9-to-5 to keep, I set out this year expecting no more than three trips. Happily, I managed six trips with just 16 leave days taken!

  • 19–22 February: Bali @ Indonesia (4D3N – 0 leave day)
  • 27 March–6 April: Japan (11D10N – 6 leave days)
  • 31 July–10 August: Qatar & Greece (11D10N – 6 leave days)
  • 2–4 October: Malacca (3D2N – 0 leave day)
  • 1–4 November: Hangzhou @ China (4D3N – 3 leave days)
  • 24–28 December: South Korea (5D4N – 1 leave day)

I hope my trips below could help plan your next great adventure!

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2015 Future Mainstream Classics

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars[Image Credit: Uptown Funk Official Video]

Can I be honest and say that I don’t love 2015 music?

Every excellent A-list pop artists from Rihanna to One Direction fall flat trying to stage a comeback. Even Adele’s “Hello” is really just a cheesy Céline Dion send-up (which is a-okay, I do ENJOY cheese after all).

Somehow, the general public just doesn’t care about the good stuff.

Hilary Duff’s and Adam Lambert’s albums were terrific. Nick Jonas’ “Teacher” is the Song of the Summer that never was because Pitbull ripped it off and watered it down with “Fun”. And it’s unlikely that Adele’s “When We Were Young” will unseat “Hello” before 2015 ends.

But thankfully, the following seven songs managed to find the perfect balance between QUALITY and SUCCESS. That’s what Future Mainstream Classics is all about. Which songs make the cut? Continue reading

Impeccable Imerovigli

My little Santorini adventure is featured on Aplaus Magazine’s December 2015 edition! :D

It’s a local lifestyle/travel magazine in Medan that I grew up reading to. That’s why I couldn’t be happier that my photo landed a full-bleed two-page treatment on their “Snapshot” section. Continue reading

8 Spell-Binding Sights That Will Make You Want to Visit Hangzhou Now

When Marco Polo visited Hangzhou in his 13th century expedition, he described the city as “beyond dispute the finest and noblest in the world.”

Hangzhou showcases the classical Chinese tradition of fusing natural landscape with man-made ornamental structures, creating truly harmonious and breathtaking sights to behold.

Modern travellers looking to recapture the same ancient charm which has inspired countless poets and painters should definitely make a voyage to Hangzhou to soak in the following sights: Continue reading