Singapore Off The Beaten Track: Sungei Buloh

There’s more to Singapore than shopping centers and towering skyscrapers. Well hidden in the northwestern area of Singapore called Kranji, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is the kind of place you wouldn’t expect to exist in Singapore, full of lush greenery with occasional red leaves. Rich biodiversity abounds with no concrete jungle anywhere in sight. Continue reading

The 9 Best Spots For Photographing Singapore’s Skyline

No two cities are the same. Merlion, durian spikes, the Supertree Grove, colonial houses and illuminated skyscrapers along the banks of the Singapore River are but some of the highlights that set Singapore apart from other cities. This guide will help camera enthusiasts to uncover the best places for photographing landmarks which capture the Lion City’s unique characteristics. Continue reading

How to Photograph the Northern Lights: A Beginner’s Guide

Aurora photography is different from regular photography and most of us aren’t professional photographers. But that doesn’t mean you have to go home empty-handed without photos to remember the magical experience!

In this guide, you will learn how to do aurora photography—made easy! Continue reading

Your Complete Guide to Northern Lights: Where, When, How

Northern lights (a.k.a. aurora borealis) is a natural phenomenon which is hard to predict. The truth is, aurora hunting depends on luck and there is no simple answer to your aurora hunting quest. There are however, a few factors to consider to help you improve your chances, which is what this guide aims to do. Continue reading

31 Days, 11 Countries, 43 Cities: How to Travel Europe for S$4.8K / €3K

Planning a Europe trip can be overwhelming. There’s so much history, culture and beautiful sights packed in one continent—but you only have so much time! How do you decide which places to visit?

There’s also the question of how to link these places together, especially if you’re planning to venture outside big cities. And then there’s that little budget problem—dammit, why does Europe have to be so expensive?

Don’t worry. Using a sample itinerary from my recent Europe trip, I hope I can help you make some decisions and sort a few things out. Continue reading