Your Complete Guide to Northern Lights: Where, When, How

Northern lights (a.k.a. aurora borealis) is a natural phenomenon which is hard to predict. The truth is, aurora hunting depends on luck and there is no simple answer to your aurora hunting quest. There are however, a few factors to consider to help you improve your chances, which is what this guide aims to do. Continue reading

31 Days, 11 Countries, 43 Cities: How to Travel Europe for S$4.8K / €3K

Planning a Europe trip can be overwhelming. There’s so much history, culture and beautiful sights packed in one continent—but you only have so much time! How do you decide which places to visit?

There’s also the question of how to link these places together, especially if you’re planning to venture outside big cities. And then there’s that little budget problem—dammit, why does Europe have to be so expensive?

Don’t worry. Using a sample itinerary from my recent Europe trip, I hope I can help you make some decisions and sort a few things out. Continue reading

How to Travel Europe on a Budget (including Scandinavia)

Europe is expensive, but surprisingly affordable if you know where to cut your spending. I spent a grand total of S$4,875.75 (€3,085.92) for 31 days, with the following breakdown:

Flight = S$1,087.50 / €688.29
Transportation = S$1,782.87 / €1,128.40
Accommodation = S$941.21 / €595.70
F&B = S$537.06 / €339.91
Entertainment = S$474.34 / €300.21
Others = S$52.77 / €33.40

Not counting the return flight from Singapore, it costed me S$122.30 / €77.34 daily. Considering my first 11 days were spent in the notoriously expensive Scandinavia and I managed to cover 43 cities in total, not to mention an aurora tour and a classical opera cum ballet ticket, I’m actually quite happy with the final amount.

Here are a few tips on how to travel Europe on a budget: Continue reading

From Oslo to Rome: All Packed & Ready to Go!

30 days. 11 countries. I must be crazy.

Oh yes, seeing that I only had less than 1 month to plan everything, I’m goddamn crazy. But after so many sleepless nights, everything’s finally set and my biggest adventure (yet) is finally happening… tomorrow!

Here’s what my itinerary will look like: Continue reading

Belitung Itinerary: 4D3N in Granite Rock Paradise

This little-known island is a secret so well-kept you probably haven’t heard of it. It crosses Pacific Islands appeal with the panoramic beauty of Seychelles-like mammoth boulders jutting towards the sky, yet it’s just some 5-hour flight away from Singapore.

Fancy some getaway to the road less traveled beach less swam? Take a look at my 4D3N Belitung itinerary. Continue reading