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Erg Chebbi (Sahara) – Destination of the Month (May ’17)

[Image Credit: Lefidele] Few things in the world can match the scale and grandiosity of Sahara. It’s a true force of nature—harsh, unforgiving and inhospitable—but camping in the dunes is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, guaranteed to leave you with unforgettable memories.

4 Days in West Sumatra: Rolling Hills, Green Canyons & Traditional Houses

Overlooked by most travellers on the Banana Pancake trail, West Sumatra is home to some of the trail’s most beautiful natural sceneries, with rolling hills, mountains, canyons, valleys and national parks dotting every single corner of this province. Home to over 5 million people, West Sumatra is dominated by Minangkabau ethnic groups whose legacy is reflected…

An Off-the-Beaten Escape to Minahasa Highlands

Tucked away in Northern Sulawesi is a land of scenic lakes, panoramic mountains, bizarre food and jovial Minahasa people. Fertile volcanic soil brings lush greenery and nice, cool weather to the highlands, making it an ideal escape from the Southeast Asian heat. More uniquely, the people here eat just about anything—a walk around Tomohon traditional…

Relax by the Floating Villages of Inle Lake

Inle is Myanmar’s second largest lake. Many of the local Inthas still live in simple wooden and bamboo stilt houses with a strong farming and fishing tradition. A trip to Inle Lake can be relaxing, but also culturally eye-opening.

A Blissful Break in Mandalay

As the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay is the centre of Burmese culture, dotted with over 700 pagodas and the not-any-less-impressive population of 1.23 million. Dominated by the vibrant Bamar and Shan ethnic groups, Chinese immigrants and the largest community of monks in the country, the cultural diversity here…