Cappadocia – Destination of the Month (Dec ’16)

Cappadocia, Turkey

Is this Earth or Mars?

When I first set foot at this land of fairy chimneys, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In many ways, Cappadocia is the reason why I started travelling.
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How to Have Hassle-Free Travel with GPS Article Apps

When I travel to a foreign country, there are many times when I wish I have access to more information.

  • Where are the best street foods in Siem Reap?
  • I made a last-minute decision to visit Naples, but I haven’t researched much about it… what should I see?
  • I’ve been walking all around Santorini, but I still can’t find THAT famous blue-domed churches. Where exactly is it?
  • Oh gosh! Nobody speaks English in China and all signs are in Mandarin. If only I could Google the Internet now…

Unfortunately, data roaming is too expensive. More often than not, we’d rather not use it. So what’s the solution? Continue reading

24 Hours in Abu Dhabi: 6 Free Things to Do

Abu Dhabi represents extravagance and luxury at its finest order, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to enjoy this city. Here are 6 things I did on my recent layover in Abu Dhabi.

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Jordan Travel Itinerary: 6 Days of Canyons & Monasteries

When I first decided to visit Jordan, my knowledge of the country’s attraction begins and ends with Petra. In my mind, it’s basically the Angkor of Middle East. As it turns out, Jordan has so much more to offer than ancient ruins.

Using my real itinerary from 6 days in Jordan, here’s how you can cover the key highlights. I will comment on each destination and assign them a rating of 1-3 hearts (the more hearts, the more I love them).
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14 Days Epic Silk Road Journey

Imagine this—you’re going back to medieval times traveling between kingdoms and civilizations with a camel by your side, passing through rugged mountains and untouched desert, tasting exotic food along the way and marvel at the great Persian architecture.

In this itinerary, I’ll show you how you can follow the footsteps of great explorers like Alexander the Great and Marco Polo. Continue reading