First Scribble

Hello world!

It’s been a while since the last time I blogged actively and I’ve been itching to start again. So without further ado, let me start with a quick introduction about myself and the blog.

My Red Flames of Passion:
Music, Travel, Marketing

Scarlet Scribbles will center upon three subjects that I’m most infatuated about.

1. I have always been a huge music aficionado. Almost on maniac level, in fact. I owned about 4000+ albums until my hard drive malfunctioned and I lost everything—twice! Sadly, I haven’t had the time to re-rebuild my collection as I’ve been occupied with hectic schedule ever since I entered the workforce.

My favorite genres are pop rock, dance pop, art rock, classic rock and soul. I went through a brief “Pitchfork period” during my late teenage years, but nowadays I prefer jamming to the non-pretentious dumb fun of Top 40 radio. Hence, do expect to see more mainstream stuff here. It’s more fun anyway. Much has been intelligently written about alternative music, but finding artistic substance amidst vacuous pop music? Now that’s a challenge.

2. I am a travel dreamer. To be honest, I am not well-traveled and I’ve been to less than 10 countries so far. But now that I am finally generating my own income, this will hopefully change in near future. In fact, I have a Taiwan trip scheduled next Wednesday and I’m sooo looking forward to it!

I’d really love to visit Europe with a special someone and have a kiss right under the Eiffel Tower—that’s numero uno on my before-I-die list. I find South America to be incredibly exotic, especially Rio de Janeiro. And when it comes the time to settle down, I’m gunning for either “the land of smiles” (Thailand, which I’ve visited a few times) or the magnificent beauty of New Zealand (which I’m targeting to visit next year, hopefully). Or perhaps my home country in Indonesia, which is very underrated.

3. I aspire to be a successful marketing pundit. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies from Nanyang Technological University, specializing in Advertising. My current job requires me to develop a range of marketing and business conferences for senior-level executives in the region, so I hope that this will open some opportunities.

I’m not so much a creative person when it comes to marketing. The aspects that intrigue me most are strategies and insights. I’m also monitoring the development of social media marketing as well as marketing measurement. My knowledge won’t compare to real industry gurus, but I hope to share some interesting findings along the way. 🙂

4. Last but not least, I will also be sharing some musings on other random stuff. I’m excited to think about all the possible directions that this blog may evolve into. I may even have to add new categories to my passion list one day!

So that’s everything for now, thanks for reading! If you’d like to see some topics covered, feel free to voice it out on the comment box below.


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