Why Lady Marmalade is the Last Truly Iconic Multi-Divas Collaboration

The Original Lady Marmalade Divas: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, Mya

Lady Marmalade was the last multi-divas collaboration to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This is a truly impressive feat, considering that 12 years have passed and no one has duplicated the mammoth-size success despite some noteworthy attempts by music industry’s A-listers.

What’s the secret formula behind the success of the Moulin Rouge anthem? Read on to find out.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

We all love our pop divas, but it takes more than that to titillate an entire nation. History has pointed out time and time again that true wonders only happen when the seduction of a (formerly) innocent girl is presence.

When a Catholic schoolgirl ties her uniform up and bares her midriff to allow us a glimpse into her Lolita world, Britney Spears happened. Another classic case from recent memory is that of a good island girl from Barbados gone bad. Almost overnight, the whole world began chanting along to “ella, ella, eh, eh, eh”.

So while it’s tempting to dial the numbers of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj to arrange for a Lady Marmalade-calibre mega-collaboration, the end result may veer slightly away from expectation. The world has seen them in lingerie a thousand times before, what’s there left for the imagination?

Truly iconic moments happen when there’s an element of surprise. The truth is that all the four ladies chosen for the Moulin Rouge version were unexpected.

Three of them were up-and-coming R&B stars who rose to prominence after Lady Marmalade happened. The fourth didn’t fit the ‘hooker’ archetype that drives the song’s important message (Christina Aguilera was still practicing her teen pop craft and Lady Marmalade is exactly when she transformed into Xtina). Likewise, with possible exception for Lil’ Kim, the other girls were not exactly known for their sexy image at the time as well.

This is precisely why the world’s on fire when they unexpectedly ‘sexed up’ their image.

Which makes me wonder, if we are to gather four ladies to do Lady Marmalade 2013, who will you pick and why?

I already have my own picks and I’ll share them in the next few days, but I’d like to hear from you first. =)

[Image Credit: RiskayTheDramaQueen]


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