Taiwan D2: Releasing Lanterns at Shifen Old Street

I’m already imagining this… fun, magical, romantic.

I listed Shifen among the 3 things I couldn’t wait to do in Taiwan. But I’ll be honest. I was a little disappointed when I found out that we’d visit Shifen in the morning. It’s like… goodbye, romantic lights! If it’s going to be a daylight thing, what’s the point of releasing a lantern? Why not balloons… doves… kites?

Turned out it’s much better than I expected though.

Firstly, the Shifen Old Street itself is pretty nice. It’s good that we visited it in the morning, as we get to enjoy the vibrant, warm and friendly atmosphere of the little street. Trains pass by residential doors every once in a while, and as the railway is sandwiched narrowly between houses, this is a photography heaven.

All the more awesome that the railway is situated with a perfect mountainous backdrop. Wait, I haven’t mentioned that this is a photography heaven, have I?

As for the lanterns… it’s still kind of fun, daylight and everything.

We’re supposed to write down a few wishes before releasing them. Everyone inked down some sophisticated-looking Chinese words which I suppose must be beautiful prose and wise wishes. Not sure what to write, my sister and I began jotting down whatever nonsense that came to mind…

  • Travel around the world
  • Billionaire in 2 months
  • Promoted to director
  • Wealth for life
  • Get prince & princess charming
  • Happy forever
  • ❤ Romance
  • Big family
  • Huge house
  • Beautiful forever
  • $$$$$
  • £££
  • Retire at 35 w/ wealth
  • Passive income
  • Huge mansion
  • Become celebrity @ Hollywood

Compared to everyone else, ours must’ve been the most superficial and shallow. There’s at least six references to wealth / money / income there! And my half-assed handwriting certainly didn’t help haha.

So my Shifen experience was not exactly romantic or magical, but it was definitely fun (hey, at least I predicted one thing right!) I guess I enjoy Shifen after all. 🙂

And let the wishes come true… amen.

Do you have any similar experience to share? When is the best time to release lanterns? And where’s the best place to do that?

Next post: Prepare your stomach… it’s time to eat at Jiufen and Fengjia.

Also, traveling can be quite a nightmare without internet, so make sure you book a 4G WiFi to be picked up at Taiwan airport now.


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