Taiwan D2: Jiufen, Food Paradise Defined

If you can visit only one food market in Taiwan, make sure it’s the one on Jiufen.

Reason #1: The Jiufen village is built on a hill overlooking towards the Pacific Ocean coastline. And the view from up there is bloody awesome!

Reason #2: Jiufen is a long, long, long Chinatown-styled street. As you follow the route up and left and down and right, you’ll discover that every single turn has something appetizing to offer.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time.

The variety of local dishes and snacks simply can’t be beat. Here’s a tip: make sure you visit Jiufen in a large group so that you can sample everything. Here’s another tip: Don’t worry if you’re already full, just keep eating. You only live once. =)

Book a trip to the Jiufen + Northeast Coast here.

Have you ever been to Jiufen? What are the not-to-be-missed food? Share with us in the comment section…

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Also, traveling can be quite a nightmare without internet, so make sure you book a 4G WiFi to be picked up at Taiwan airport now.

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