Taiwan D2+3: Fengjia Market & DIY Bubble Tea at Taichung

“As compared to Taipei, Taichung feels more like Taiwan’s actual capital city.”

That’s what I told my sister & tweeted as soon as we arrived in Taichung. While Taipei is generally modern, you can sense that there’s still a strong effort by the government to preserve the city’s traditional elements as much as possible.

In contrast, Taichung aims directly for metropolitan. The city’s architectural and commercial development is more modern. Its surrounding area is home to many manufacturing factories, which apparently employs 48% of the workforce and is so significant it’s nicknamed the “Mechanical Kingdom”.

On our way to Taichung…

After Jiufen, we briefly visited the National Palace Museum to see Jadeite Cabbage with Insects and other sculptures. I don’t have enough materials to write in details about it as the explanation was in Mandarin and camera wasn’t allowed. My general verdict: The details are finely-crafted and it will definitely appeal to those who are into ancient Chinese artifacts. For others, this is skippable.

And then we drove South towards Central Taiwan, where we passed by the “Mechanical Kingdom” and finally reached the Taichung city around evening.

Fengjia: Taiwan’s Largest Night Market

Fengjia is a big hit among the youngsters, and the thing about youngsters is that they are more receptive to experiment with their diet. These ‘innovative snacks’ are exactly what give Fengjia unique edge over other night markets in Taiwan.

Arguably the most popular food stall is 大肠包小肠, which basically sells intestinal sausage wrapped in glutinous rice.

Another stall which was highly recommended to us is 海边小屋 Seaside Cottage, which sells juicy clams with lots and lots of garlic.

For me, the food here is a mixed bag. Some tastes great, some others are ‘acquired taste’ (I personally didn’t like the intestinal thingy much, but hey, it’s damn popular so maybe it’s just me).

春水堂 Chun Shui Tang: DIY Bubble Tea

In 1988, a manager in a Taichung teahouse poured fen yuan (sweetened tapioca pudding) into her Assam iced tea and bubble tea was invented.

It’s Day 3 morning. Today, we’re visiting the very same teahouse to have a crash course in making our own bubble tea.

After some pouring, stirring and lots of shaking…

Tell you what, it tastes great. Maybe I have hidden talent in making bubble tea. At the end of the session, they even gave us a certificate + shaker cup! 😀

Next post(s): Heading to Xitou Nature Education Area to spot Japanese-inspired ‘monsters’ and inhale fresh air from its bamboo forest.

Have you ever been to Taichung? Let us know where I should go in Taichung if I visit there in the future…

Also, traveling can be quite a nightmare without internet, so make sure you book a 4G WiFi to be picked up at Taiwan airport now.


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