Taiwan D3: Relaxing at Monster Village & Xitou Forest

There have been numerous sightings of “monsters” in a village in Nantou County. From Taichung, our courageous team is dispatched to Xitou to confront them, Ghostbusters-style (ok, not really).

Deep inside the forest, we found a big red gate commonly found in Shinto shrines. We passed through that and entered their realm…

Welcome to Monster Village!

…where instead of scary demons, you will encounter cute Japanese monster statues greeting you with friendliness and warmth from every single corner.

Really cute monsters… and those adorable kasa-obakes (monsters that old umbrellas turn into) on the gift shop are practically begging to find new owners who will never neglect them like their ex-owners used to.

Actually, there’s nothing much to do in the Monster Village. We just walked around to observe various monsters and snap lots of pictures. The village was recently built in 2011, so that may explain why there’s nothing much yet.

There’s so much potential that Monster Village could’ve been though. Perhaps they can start by making it more interactive, place some educative signboards to explain the origin of these monsters or something.

They do have a few performances, though. There’s this band outside our restaurant who emulates the music of Native Americans, for instance.

Later that afternoon, there’s a parade of monsters prancing around the village. Among them is the late Marilyn Monroe, who brought so much sass and entertainment value.

After that, we continued to…

Xitou Nature Education Area

It’s a gorgeous forest canopy with very refreshing air. It’s a great place for a leisure stroll along the trails or take a quick nap on one of the benches.

Sadly, we’re running on tight schedule so we did neither. Instead, our guide brought us to a few *cough* ‘hot attractions’:

Like watching squirrels jumping around and eating.

And some wooden pig stuff. Like seriously? When he said he’s going to bring us to see pigs, I thought he meant wild boars.

We spent only about 30 minutes inside, which is quite a shame as I think that the forest may have more to offer if we actually explore one of the trails. But I guess we’re short of time and all, and if we spent too much time on Xitou we would arrive at our next destination too little too late to enjoy it.

Ever been to Xitou? Let me know what I missed during this trip in the comment box below. 🙂

Next post: Cruising in the scenic Sun Moon Lake.

Also, traveling can be quite a nightmare without internet, so make sure you book a 4G WiFi to be picked up at Taiwan airport now.


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  1. I absolutely love Xitou! There is a bamboo forest, a pond with a very cool bamboo bridge, and lots of good hiking trails. I was planning on going there again last week but my plans got postponed because of the typhoon. I read that there is a now a ‘skywalk’ over the tree line which provides a great vantage point and amazing views. I can’t wait to return and see it!


    1. Andrew Darwitan says:

      Thanks for sharing, looks like I missed a lot of things! The bamboo forest and pond were supposed to be part of our itinerary, but we didn’t exactly visit them in the end due to time constraint. Saw your blog and looks like you have great fun travelling around Taiwan. 🙂


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