Taiwan D4: Bullet Train to Kaohsiung

The best way to experience a city is to do stuff that its regular citizens do.

And we’re doing exactly that. We’re taking a train this time—no more tourist bus (at least for a few hours)! We departed from Chiayi Station towards Zuoying, before driving all the way South to rest at Kaohsiung.

Not content with just localising the commuting experience, a brilliant idea passed through my mind: “Hey, street food is amazing and all but aren’t they a bit touristy? Maybe I should go all the way local… like, what would a regular Taiwanese salaryman do after a hard day’s work? Chilling in front of TV while slurping down instant noodle? I know, let’s buy a bowl of instant noodle!”

So we bought this WEI WEI Premium Instant Beef Noodle from a convenience store…

I felt happy. I felt satisfied. It’s definitely one of the best things I ate in Taiwan and I silently pledged to never leave a country without trying their instant noodles from now on. (PS. They said that WEI WEI is only the third best instant noodle brand in Taiwan. The best brand is supposed to be Unif, which we also tried a few days later, but I gotta say that WEI WEI is still my favorite.)

And then we took the bullet train…

The train was fast and comfortable. Me and my sister were very touristy: we went around to different compartments just to see how’s the business class like, where the phone booths are, etc. And I snapped lots of random stuff that whooshes by the train window. We passed by some areas that look very industrial, even more so than the “Mechanical Kingdom” of Taichung.

Interested in the Taiwan bullet train? Book a ticket here today.

And then there’s Kaohsiung…

If Taipei is Taiwan’s cultural capital and Taichung is its manufacturing capital, then Kaohsiung is probably its most fashionable-looking city.

It’s almost as colourful as Hong Kong, but the fact that it’s not all skyscrapers like HK make it beautiful. I mean, look at that complex layering of small buildings leading up to the high-risers… totally fab!

Kaohsiung is probably my most favorite big city in Taiwan. Other than the gorgeous landscape, the food is also top-notch. I’ll be sharing more about the food in my next post.

Book a bullet train to Kaohsiung today via this link.

To what extent have you “localized” your Taiwan experience before? What is your #1 favorite city in Taiwan? Share with us… 🙂


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