Taiwan D4: Liuhe, the Ultimate Seafood Indulgence

Located on the Liuhe Second Road in Kaohsiung’s Singsing District, Liuhe Night Market specializes in both classic and exotic seafood dishes that will not fail to make your mouth water—egg-wrapped oysters, prawn balls, bite-sized fried crabs, octopus-tentacles-on-a-stick, lobsters with garlic fillings—this is one of those posts where pictures will speak louder than words.

I read that Liuhe has become overly touristy in recent years (it’s certainly way too crowded for a small street after 7 pm) and that another nearby night market (Ruifeng) has eclipsed it in terms of popularity and food quality. We were originally scheduled to visit Ruifeng but we didn’t go there in the end, so I can’t make any ground of comparison.

Comparing it to other night markets I’ve visited, it probably doesn’t beat Jiufen’s perfection (then again, no other night market in Taiwan could beat Jiufen) and it doesn’t have the novelty of Fengjia’s ‘innovative snacks’,

But taken on its own merits, Liuhe is certainly worth visiting despite the crazy crowd. C’mon, the pictures above don’t lie, do they? They do taste as good as they look.

Do you like Liuhe Night Market? What’s your favorite place to find seafood in Taiwan?

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