Taiwan D7: National Center for Traditional Arts & Zhong Lie Shi

National Center for Traditional Arts

Located in Yilan, the National Center for Traditional Arts provides a good cultural experience on traditional folk craftmanship, arts, music, drama and dance. Unlike most Chinese museums which love to flaunt dynasty antiques and royal jewels from hundred years ago (which I find it hard to relate with), this one focuses more on relatively “recent” traditional arts which penetrated all sectors of society.

Some of the exhibition items bring so much nostalgia—there are stuff that my grandparents used to have when I was really really little! And many others that they no longer had (it was already 1990s, after all) so it’s kinda interesting to imagine how our old folks used to live before modernity and technology invade our culture.

We also watched an interesting Chinese opera performance by really talented actresses.

ALL of them were really good, they lived and breathed their characters. And the singing… gave me major goosebumps!

忠烈祠 Zhong Lie Shi

From Yilan, we traveled back to Taipei. We stopped at Zhong Lie Shi (National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine).

Located at Zhongshan District, this shrine houses about 390,000 warriors who lost their lives during important events such as Xinhai Revolution, Northern Expedition, Second Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil War, as well as the First and Second Taiwan Strait Crises.

But just like other similar attractions in Taipei, it looks like most people only came here to watch the changing of guards.

How do you like best to experience Chinese folk culture? Any good museum or exhibition which you would like to recommend?

Next post(s): Tamsui Old Street & Shilin Night Market.


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