Taiwan D7: Tamsui Old Street & Shilin Night Market

Tamsui Old Street

Located along the shores of Taiwan Strait, Tamsui used to be one of the biggest ports in Northern Taiwan. This riverside is destined for perfect afternoon strolls and it’s also the filming site of an uber-popular Taiwan drama called “Meteor Garden”.

While Tamsui technically belongs to New Taipei, its proximity to Taipei the capital city makes it a popular destination from the city people. Tamsui Old Street, in particular, offers a wide selection of dishes and traditional handicrafts.

Above are some of the top recommended dishes in Tamsui Old Street. The signature dish commonly associated with Tamsui are the “iron eggs”, which are repeatedly stewed in a mix of herbs and spices until it blackens. It’s very chewy and tastes quite unique.

Shilin Night Market

At night, we dropped by at Taipei’s largest night market.

Personally, I find Shilin to be more of a tourist trap. It is ultra-crowded and I don’t find it as compelling as the other night markets which I’ve visited. The overall atmosphere of the basement felt a bit stuffy and the food seemed greasy. I heard that the best food stalls have moved to Ningxia Night Market, so that might explain why. Or maybe I just went to the wrong stalls.

What do you think? Is Shilin a food heaven or is it an overrated tourist trap?

Next post: I have a surprise coming up, revisiting one of my favorite sites. Take a guess… 🙂


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