Ariana Grande: Is 2013’s Biggest Breakthrough Here to Stay?

Ariana Grande: Nickelodeon Star Smashes with Debut Album Yours Truly
Let’s rejoice for Ariana Grande’s sensational debut at the top of Billboard 200 album chart!

Ariana is just the 15th female artist in history to successfully debut at #1 on the first album, joining the ranks of artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce.

But the same list also parades long-forgotten names such as Ashanti, Ashlee Simpson and LeToya Luckett.

How well does Ariana fare in comparison to her predecessors? Will she fade or will she blossom into an A-list diva?

Ariana Grande has the 2nd lowest first-week sales among the 15 artists

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some artists take longer to conquer the world, but proves to have longevity because they don’t shoot all their bullets at first try. Selling 138,000 copies at first week isn’t shabby. I mean… guess who’s the girl who ranked below Ariana Grande in terms of sales:

Yes, you read right. If Britney Spears managed to turn 121,000 copies into the biggest juggernaut from the list, there’s no counting out the possibility that star power + hard work can do the same for Ariana.

Does Ariana have the “it” factor to make it far?

Without a doubt, yes. We’re talking about someone whose first single skyrocketed into public attention with little to no promo. Sure, she starred in TV sitcom for awhile, but I really doubt Victorious from Nickelodeon helped her develop strong fanbase from the record-buying public (heck, I’ve never heard of Victorious before). And unlike Disney, Nickelodeon hasn’t really had a successful track record in launching a music act.

Ariana’s success is purely on the strength of her “it” factor. When I first caught a glimpse of “The Way”, I immediately took notice of her. She’s like a baby Mariah circa Daydream: she’s got the infectious bubbly personality, the impressive vocal pipe and the nostalgic R&B throwback.

Her music is cheerful and upbeat but never cheesy, and that sets her apart from legions of Glee and High School Musical graduates. Among the more successful teen acts, she carries more personality than the likes of Selena Gomez but never coming across as trying too hard like Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus. She just flows.

Having said that, I don’t think Yours Truly will be the album that propels her to divadom. It’s an impressive debut if we’re talking about quality. But in terms of SMASH potential, it’s obvious that The Way has always been the album’s best bet so it looks like the train has been missed. And second single Baby I, sadly, hasn’t really taken off.

But I hope Ariana proves me wrong. 🙂 I’d personally put my money on one of the Harmony Samuels-produced tracks (Right There, Piano, Better Left Unsaid) as the third single, followed by Honeymoon Avenue for the final single. And she should totally drop a fierce remix of Better Left Unsaid to night clubs—she could earn lots of loyal followers from there!

I have faith that Ariana will pull off this era well. She’ll make enough $$$, from which point she’ll be able to hire stronger songwriters for her next projects and eventually become an A-lister.

In the meantime, we can start by shooting Baby I to the top of the chart, Arianators!

Do you think Ariana have longevity? Which song do you think should be Ariana’s next single?

[Image Credit: Joella Marano]


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