Free Twitter Analytics: Engaging the Right Followers

Influencers ≠ Advocates

Who should you invest your time and effort to best amplify your message?

Both has its own value. Influencers have a lot of followers—they receive lots of retweets and their perspectives shape the Twittersphere’s conversation. Advocates may or may not necessarily be powerful influencers, but they have vested interest in promoting a particular point of view.

In best case scenario, you can pick up strategies on how to find influencers and convert them into your advocates. But the most efficient way is to engage your existing advocates, and you can start identifying them by looking at your followers.

Go to Followerwonk and key in your Twitter username under the “Analyze followers” function. Plenty of good statistics will come out, but look especially at the “Retweets” and “@contacts” sections.

How to Find Advocates via Analyze Followers Function

Those with high percentage of retweets in their timeline are valuable users who are most likely to spread what they like to their networks. I would personally consider 10-25% as potential advocates, 25-50% as strong ones, and anything above that to be mostly content curators or news aggregators.

High percentage of @mentions indicate their general willingness to interact. These are users who you converse and build better relationship with. Just to note that people mention more than they retweet, so expect the percentage breakdown here to be a little different.

Click on the percentages to get the list of users within each segment:

How to Find Advocates via Analyze Followers Function

Identify those who have good retweets ratio, have a good mix of followers and social authority, and are welcoming to conversations. These are people who are most likely to yield the high amplification on your messages, so you should invest your time and effort to build one-on-one relationship with them.

Keep in mind, however, that this is just a simplified data. True advocacy is complex—not all your followers are your advocates, so you may want to analyse your potential advocates’ tweets to understand whether they share similar views, values and interests to be intrigued to share your messages with their network.

How do you find your advocates? What are the best strategies to engage them into sharing your messages?

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