Who is the Queen of Pop of This Millennium? Part 3: Popularity

Who is the new queen of pop when it comes to popularity?

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Fame comes hand in hand with pop music, unless you’re a flop.

Although popularity is not the be-all and end-all, it’s a strong factor that cannot be ignored. This is because, by nature, pop music is designed to have mass audience appeal and commercial viability. This time, we’ll look at the ability of our Queen of Pop contenders in building a fanbase.

Note: This analysis refers ONLY to the period spanning 2000-2013, from the new millennium to the time of writing. No, pre-2000 achievements are not counted here. That’s why it’s called Queen of Pop of “THIS” millennium.

Music Video Views: Adele

Adele is the Queen of Pop when it comes to Music Video Views

I’m a little surprised that Adele (#1) comes on top, but Adele certainly had the whole world’s attention when she released 21, so fantastic job nonetheless! The modern-pop trinity of Katy (#2), Rihanna (#3) and Gaga (#4) are predictably next to lead this category by a strong margin.

Miley’s (#5) endless attention-seeking stunts certainly paid off. Taylor (#6) and Nicki (#8) are certainly queens of their respective country-pop and rap-pop niche with little competition to split share of fans. Underdogs J.Lo (#7) and Avril (#9) made excellent surprise. While they haven’t been doing well in US charts lately (thus poorer performance on our US-centric success metrics), their international fanbase seems to be solid enough to carry their YouTube views up.

Ke$ha (#10), Beyonce (#11), Shakira (#12), Britney (#13) and to a lesser extent Fergie (#14) all had memorable pop video moments in the past. Leona managed a respectable #15! Perhaps another example of an artist that is struggling in US but has decent international fanbase. P!nk (#16), Alicia (#17), Christina (#18) are doing just okay.

Kelly (#19) seems to have an on-and-off public appeal. Mariah (#20), Carrie (#21), Gwen (#22) and Nelly (#23) had a decent run back in early and mid-2000s, but are fading lately. Madonna (#24) is last, but then again, she don’t have an official VEVO account yet and her music videos are under-uploaded on YouTube so let’s take her last place with a pinch of salt.

Social Media Fans: Rihanna

Rihanna is the Queen of Pop when it comes to Social Media Fans

Bow down to Rihanna (#1), a no-brainer social media champion queen. Katy (#2), who recently became the most followed account on Twitter, put up a good fight. So did Gaga (#3) who were once the most popular pop star on Earth. It’s pleasant to see Latin queen Shakira (#4) drawing so much love, while Taylor (#5) is of course expected to show up on Top 5 in a popularity contest.

Adele (#6), Beyonce (#7) and Britney (#8) are all doing good. Avril (#9) once again proves that her actual fanbase is pretty big, but they’re not necessarily in US. Among the middle-packs are Nicki (#10), JLo (#11), Alicia (#12), P!nk (#13) and Miley (#14). Ke$ha (#15), Madonna (#16), Mariah (#17) and Christina (#18) are not huge in social media, but they seem to have a decent loyal following.

Here comes the artists with shakier fanbases: Kelly (#19) seems to be likable by most of general public, but don’t have many die-hard fans. Carrie’s (#21) popularity is confined to a niche country following. Fergie (#20), Nelly (#22) and Gwen (#23) aren’t quite active lately, so that might explain their low popularity. Leona (#24), who seems to struggle in developing an interesting celebrity persona, is back to last place again.

PS. Madonna doesn’t have an official Twitter account yet, but I have taken that into consideration when producing an adjusted rating so she doesn’t get unfavorably disadvantaged.

Overall Popularity: Adele

Adele is the Queen of Pop based on Popularity

Combining both criteria, Adele (#1) deservedly reigns while Katy (#2) is not far behind. Rihanna (#3), Gaga (#4), Miley (#5) and Taylor (#6) are juggernauts in this area as well.

I’m happy to see underrated divas such as Shakira (#7), JLo (#8) and Avril (#9) doing really well this time, eclipsing other huge icons such as Nicki (#10), Beyonce (#11) and Britney (#12). Ke$ha (#13), Alicia (#14), P!nk (#15) and Fergie (#16) are no biggies, but seems to have found their own niche.

Christina’s (#17) unlikable diva demeanor seems to have cost her quite a bit of potential fans. The mass appeal of Leona (#18) and Kelly (#19) seems to be a little limited. Veterans like Mariah (#20) and Madonna (#21) predictably didn’t do very well as their prime is back to pre-social media days. Carrie (#22), Gwen (#23) and Nelly (#24) seems to really struggle with this category.

Does Adele make a good Queen of Pop? Who do you think deserve it most if we’re looking at popularity only?

We’ll look at the last metrics set on my next post: Quality.

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