Happy New Year 2014 & Best Fireworks Spots in Singapore

Beautiful fireworks in Singapore

These fireworks pictures are taken from Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 and hope you’re all off to a great start!

With the impressive pyrotechnics shooting across the Singapore sky last night, I certainly had an amazing beginning to 2014. It’s not my first time watching fireworks in Singapore, but it never gets passe.

Where are the Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Singapore?

If you haven’t managed to catch fireworks in Singapore, don’t worry, there’s always a next year.

Fireworks launch point for most (if not all) Singapore major events is in Marina Bay, so areas around Marina Bay are obvious vantage points to catch the best pictures of the fireworks. Below map of places around Marina Bay is your Holy Bible:

[Image Credit: Marina Bay Singapore]

Iconic landmarks that would make excellent backdrops to your fireworks pictures: Marina Bay Sands, the high-rise financial buildings of Raffles Place, and Merlion Park.

For MBS and the financial district, the areas opposite to that (around Esplanade-Waterfront stretch) would be ideal. To get a higher vantage point, book yourself a good hotel or restaurant around the area. Or take the Singapore Flyer, it’s been said to be amazing from there. However, these areas are among the most crowded, so if you want to escape the hustle-and-bustle, some people have recommended that Bay East Garden area could be quite good too.

The Merlion structure isn’t as huge, so if you want a good snapshot, there’s not much choice but to head down to the Merlion Park area. I haven’t done this personally, so I’m not sure whether the overcrowding would make it difficult to catch a good shot.

My Choice This Year: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Marina Bay looks gorgeous during New Year's Eve

That’s the view that you get. Not only you get a great view of MBS, it’s also located nearby to the 500,000+ colorful spheres in which residents and visitors pen their new year wishes to be set afloat in the bay.

This is also a free entry area with 5+ hours worth of live performances, so it helps to defeat the boredom of waiting. We started waiting at around 5 pm. But if you don’t want to start waiting so early, try to arrive latest on 7 pm. Otherwise, don’t expect to get a seat on the theatre.

Another great thing about this area? It’s very nearby to the fireworks launch point, which is how I got the amazing shots at the beginning of this post. Downside: Because it’s so near, it’s difficult to catch both the fireworks and MBS on the same frame.

But hey, you’re here to watch the live fireworks, not your camera screen. And as far as I’m concerned, I randomly point the camera to the sky (without even looking at it!) while I watch the real fireworks up-and-close with my own eyes. It’s divine.

And then there’s the crowd. Two years ago, me and my friends stayed at Marina Bay Sands because we wanted to avoid the crowd and the hassle of getting back. Last year, I didn’t even bother going. This year, I was initially concerned about going directly to the hot crowd spot, but thought it’ll be worth to take a chance.

Totally worth it, if you ask me. Not only the views are great, but the crowd isn’t as bad as I expected. REALLY. Yes, there are lots of people and a couple minor congestion, but at least we’re always moving. And as we left exactly after the fireworks is over, we even managed to catch a very convenient MRT ride home. Seated.

So by all means, if you haven’t done it before, go take a chance. Have a great 2014!

What’s your favorite place to watch fireworks in Singapore? Are there any underrated, spectacular, crowd-free spots? Share with us on the comment box below.


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