Deep Inside Amazon Flooded Forest in River Safari Singapore

Most people came to River Safari Singapore for the giant pandas. But for me, reason numero uno is the great Amazon River showcase.

It’s the world’s largest river by water volume. It’s surrounded by the world’s largest rainforest. The river even flows underground. Its biodiversity is unparalleled. It’s a world of superlatives, and it’s home to none other than the mighty piranhas!

Amazon River Quest

Amazon River Quest is the star attraction, but at the time of our visit it was not opened yet. It has since been opened for public, but from what I’ve heard, vacancies got filled up crazy fast so you better make sure you visit River Safari first thing in the morning to book a boat ride as soon as the counter opens at 8.30 am.

The Amazon River Quest hosts jaguars, tapirs, anteaters, collared peccaries, red howler monkeys, flamingos, etc. If you didn’t manage to get a boat ride, there are a few minor attractions not to be missed as you walk towards the Amazon Flooded Forest.

Like this playful jaguarundi that was busy fighting a lizard prey when we arrived.

Jaguarundi in Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

And a young green anaconda that can grow up to crazy 6.7 m and 70 kg. But then again, scientists have acknowledged that no one has ever truly explored deep enough to know just how big this beast can be.

Green Anaconda in Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

Please stay forever behind that glass panel, okay…

Squirrel Monkey Forest

Squirrel monkeys are very commonly found near the rivers of Amazon Forest. They often live in a large group up to 500 members, leaping from tree to tree hunting for fruits and insects.

But here in River Safari Singapore, their hunting job is made easier. They just assemble to their log bowl of veggies and munch…

Squirrel Monkeys in Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

Amazon Flooded Forest

We’ve finally made it deep inside the Amazon Flooded Forest.

Hungry red-bellied piranhas were planning an evil plan to escape their padlocked aquarium and make us their lunch.

Red-Bellied Piranhas in the Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

Indeed, they were placed under maximum security. Each piranha is micro-chipped and only the males were brought in to River Safari. Any egg found in the tank will be destroyed immediately. Of course, no one would want to imagine the nasty scenario if these bastards escape into our sewerage system. That can end up really nasty, serious A-grade disaster lifted directly from your nightmare.

In reality, piranhas are quite shy and unlike the sensationalized creatures we see in movies. Piranhas usually avoid humans unless provoked with sudden movement or really really hungry. But of course, you don’t want to be the one in that unlucky scenario of getting your flesh ripped by angry piranhas, so avoid at all costs!

Meanwhile, here’s another star attraction:

Manatees in the Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

I’ve never seen manatees before my own eyes before. The above picture doesn’t even do these sea cows justice. You just have to see it. They are… surreal.

We also saw a huge, long arapaima. One of the unique characteristic of this prehistoric fish is that they don’t take in oxygen through gills like most fishes, they just come to the surface and sip in some breath.

Arapaima in the Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

Next is a freshwater treasure. You may have never heard of Black Diamond Leopoldi, but this rare stingray breed is worth over $10,000 per pair!

Black Diamond Leopoldi Stingray in the Amazon Flooded Forest of River Safari Singapore

So with that, our journey in the River Safari Singapore ends.

Overall, while I think the species displayed are not as diverse as other wildlife exhibitions in Singapore, River Safari shows enough interesting creatures that truly captivate (or even going beyond) our imagination. It is a little overpriced, but if you manage to buy the ticket in a discounted package, I’d say go for it.

Have you read my earlier entry about River Safari Singapore? Head to 7 Rivers of the World and Giant Panda Forest now.

Book a trip to River Safari here.

What are your favorite creatures in the Wild Amazonia?


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