Jurong Bird Park Singapore is Just Okay

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

I visited Jurong Bird Park back on May 2011. Out of all major attractions in Singapore which I have visited, Jurong Bird Park had leave the least impression on me.

It does a decent job in mimicking the birds’ natural environment, which is actually a good thing as it’s sad to see those poor creatures in tight cages. As a trade-off, though, it becomes harder to spot these beautiful birdies. Thrice harder, in fact, because OMG birds just never stay still!

Birds just never stay still

Hello birdie, smile for the camer… whoopsie!

That’s what 80% of my shots ended up looking like. And these are merely exotic chicken-like birds that spend their entire days on the ground, imagine the nightmare of having to deal with their flying cousins!

But hey, when you’re on Asia’s largest bird park hosting 5,000 birds across 400 species, probably you’ll be lucky enough to snap at least one rare species?

Unknown bird species roaming in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Like this little fella that is one-part purple, dark blue and turquoise… with yellow eyes!

Pissed-off bird species roaming in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Or this pissed-off ghetto shoebill who probably wanted to kick the hell out of me!

Penguins roaming in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

And classic little penguins sunbathing in their mini-coast!

What else can you find in Jurong Bird Park? Nocturnal birds, spoonbills, crowned pigeons, hornbills, toucans, vultures, hawks, cassowaries, pelicans, flamingos, scarlet ibises, parrots, swans, mandarin ducks and three different free-flying aviaries where you can play with your feathered friends.

And don’t miss the Kings of the Skies Show, featuring badass birds of prey.

The Kings of the Skies show in Jurong Bird Park Singapore

The show is played every 10am and 4pm in Hawk Walk area. There’s also the High Flyers Show, with a grand finale of over 100 birds swooping into the stage. Catch it every 11am and 3pm in Pools Ampitheatre.

Overall, Jurong Bird Park is an okay attraction. But if your visit to Singapore is short, you might want to prioritize other attractions, especially since Jurong Bird Park is located all the way to the west side of Singapore, far away from the heart of the city.

How to Go to Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Alight at Boon Lay MRT, head towards bus interchange. Take bus 194 or 251.

Jurong Bird Park Entrance Fee

SGD 25 for adult. SGD 16 for children below 12. SGD 10 for senior citizens over 60.

Book a trip to Jurong Bird Park here.

Have you been to Jurong Bird Park? What’s your most favorite bird park ever?


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