Krabi’s Best Beaches: #3 – Bamboo Island

Emerald green water. Turquoise blue sky. Waves crashing against white sand. Bamboo Island is Krabi’s most underrated beach, and we almost skipped it. Thankfully we didn’t.

Bamboo Island, Krabi, Thailand

“What’s so amazing about this place?” I found myself asking when I googled this beach.

We’ve come to expect nothing less than gravity-defying limestone formations from Krabi. With nothing else to offer other than lots of water and tropical plants, Bamboo Island looked just like your average passable beach. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s quite nearby to the world-famous Phi Phi Island, we wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

The morning we arrived at Bamboo Island, we were pleasantly surprised. It’s the clearest, greenest water we’ve ever seen in Krabi. No frills. For the lack of dramatic cliffs, Bamboo Island sure compensated a lot.

By now, it’s clear that no picture could do justice to the beach’s discreet beauty. And being relatively under the radar, Bamboo Island is far less crowded than other nearby beaches—which only make the place even more dazzling.

Slight downside: For such a clear water, it’s a shame that there’s not much to see other than occasional fishes and dead corals. It remains a great place to swim and wind down, though.

Do you have any favorite “no-frills” beach?


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