Krabi’s Best Beaches: #1 – Hong Island

Hong Island is essentially Maya Bay‘s breathtaking beauty minus the disgusting crowd.

Maya Bay on an empty day would theoretically beat Hong Island, but good luck with that impossible quest. As far as I’m concerned, Hong Island offers the best tropical island experience you can get in Krabi.

Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand

The authorities do a great job in preserving the island’s natural beauty. Except for wild animals, the Hong Islands area is uninhabited. It also helps that most tourists opt for the Four Island Tours—championed by the oh-so-famous Railay and Phra Nang beaches—leaving Hong Island relatively quiet and untouched.

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Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand

In late afternoon, more island hoppers will drop off on the island. But you wouldn’t feel much difference because Hong Island is HUGE enough and there’s a room for everyone. And if the afternoon gets a little hot, there are plenty of shades underneath the mammoth cliffs.

Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand

Minor warning note: Our first hour of swimming went well, but after that, we suddenly felt a minor itch on our feet. We saw a huge jellyfish getting washed ashore and we cut short our snorkeling to be extra safe.

Not sure whether jellyfishes are common in Hong Island or we just got unlucky. Seeing that everybody else in the distance didn’t stop their swimming routine, it’s probably the latter. But do take safety measures.

Even sans the snorkeling, we spent another hour just relaxing by the beach, watching schools of fish helplessly swimming against the current and admiring the gorgeous vista in front of our eyes. I don’t throw around the word “paradise” liberally, but Hong Island surely is one.

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How would you rank the beaches in Thailand? Does Hong Island make it to your list?


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