The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” is the Next Summer Smash

What’s the secret formula to get yourself to the top of pop echelon? Former indie R&B darling The Weeknd demonstrates in this week’s Pop Superstardom 101.

The Weeknd[Image Credit: The Come Up Show]

1. Advertise your name on the feature spot of a young diva’s hot new track. Bonus point if it’s Rihanna or Katy Perry. Tight budget? Divas-in-training like Ariana would do the trick too.

2. Score a hip soundtrack for Hype Movie of the Year, preferably if it’s an adaptation from a Twilight-inspired novel.

3. Most importantly, sell your soul to the devil for a killer earworm by Max Martin (a.k.a. the super-producer who has launched some of the biggest names into pop success), which gave us the definite smash that I Can’t Feel My Face is shaping up to be.

Seriously though, listen to The Weeknd’s I Can’t Feel My Face here.

It’s an unexpected, but surprisingly infectious, marriage of funky grooves and dark brooding synths. And coming off from his successful Fifty Shades of Grey gig, The Weeknd has certainly “earned” enough public attention to warrant that his next release will not go unnoticed (unlike Adam Lambert’s equally brilliant Ghost Town).

What’s more exciting: Not only is this song the strongest contender for 2015’s Song of the Summer so far, but it also has the potential to make The Weeknd one of pop music’s core male artists. You better get your stan card ready!

What do you think about I Can’t Feel My Face? What song is your pick for Song of the Summer 2015?


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