Greece Day 1: Rafina, Charming Port Town

We don’t usually think of ports as travel destinations. And when we have to pass through one, most Greek holidaymakers choose to start their islands-hopping from the more popular city of Piraeus. But there are many, many reasons why you should start from Rafina instead.

1. Compared to Piraeus’ busy, crowded, high-rise cityscape, Rafina’s laid-back and authentic atmosphere doesn’t feel just like another transit experience. It feels like your holiday has officially started.

Rafina, Greece

2. The locals are laid-back and more than happy to interact with you.

Rafina, Greece

3. At first thought, Rafina does not seem like it has much to offer. At least until you see the amazing sunset…

Rafina, Greece

4. Or the equally dramatic sunrise that wakes you up the morning after.

Rafina, Greece

5. Or the memory you’ll have spending a long, relaxing night watching blue moon by the coast, while drinking beers and savouring the tastiest souvlakis/kebabs in Greece.

Rafina, Greece

6. By the time your ferry is about to leave, you start to realize just how understated Rafina’s charm and beauty is.

Rafina, Greece

7. But the main reason why Rafina rocks? If you’re looking to do the classic island-hopping route, it takes you only 3 hours to reach your first island (Mykonos). Piraeus’ 5-6 hours to Mykonos/Santorini can never.

Rafina, Greece

8. Also, the trip from Athens International Airport to Rafina is much shorter than going to Piraeus or even Athens itself. We practically saved 1 day by eliminating the redundancy of having to start and end our Greece itinerary in the same city.

What are your favorite port towns?


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