Greece Day 4: Naxos is the Greek Island You Regret For Not Visiting

As the ferry began approaching, literally everyone rushed to the deck to marvel at the stunning sight of Naxos. Yet, for such a spotlight-stealer, only a meagre dozen of passengers disembarked. Why?

Naxos, Greece

Naxos seems to divide foreign tourists and local Greeks down in the middle. The traditional island-hopping wisdom for international visitors is to spend one day each in Mykonos and Santorini, and that’s it; but the experienced locals we met clearly had a different idea.

“Are you going to Naxos next?” asked our pension host.

“Oh… no, we’re actually heading to Naxos,” a young mother on our first ferry ride told us when I asked whether she’s vacationing to Mykonos.

“You should go there, it’s really beautiful,” she continued.

Naxos, Greece

Ancient ruins, Venetian fortresses, crystal-clear water, fine beaches, colorful port, towering mountains with traditional villages by the valleys—all sort of wonders in just one sight, a sight I greedily stare with equal part awe and jealousy.


As our ferry left the islet to Santorini, I took a deep breath to sip in as much memory of Naxos as I could, knowing what I see is just a tip of the iceberg of a wonderful adventure I could have had.

Which Greek island(s) do you wish you have visited?


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