First 2016 Destination: Seychelles? No, It’s Indonesia

Postcard-perfect tropical beaches with huge granite boulders jutting skywards along the clear, blue coastline.

Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung, Indonesia[Image Credit: Virgianti]

The picture could’ve fooled you into thinking that I’m heading to Seychelles, but really, this beach is some 3,600 miles away from that famed East Africa honeymoon paradise.

My first 2016 destination is Belitung in Indonesia!

Belitung has been on my wishlist for many years now. It’s one of the top two beach destinations in Indonesia I want to visit most (the other one being Raja Ampat) but the stars never quite aligned until now.

Not many foreigners have heard of Belitung—or even anything other than Bali, which is quite a shame because Indonesia have many pristine, world-class paradises! But hey, the less obnoxious tourists the better. And the best thing of all, it keeps the cost dirt cheap!

I mean, look at the price breakdown per person:

  • Flights: SGD 260 (Singapore—Jakarta—Singapore and Jakarta—Tanjung Pandan—Jakarta)
  • Accommodations: SGD 550 for 3 nights
  • Car and boat: SGD 45 for 4 days
  • Food: Not sure yet, but maybe SGD 100 or less for 4 days

That totals up to a reasonable SGD 955 (or USD 677) per person, bearing in mind this is during the peak Chinese New Year period! Seychelles could never

Here’s to a great 2016!

What is your first destination in 2016? Also, check out this awesome free app giveaway to help your 2016 trip planning!


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    1. Andrew Darwitan says:

      Yes! I just can’t wait to go. =)


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