7 Days Nature Photography Challenge

A friend of mine nominated me for “7 Days Nature Photography Challenge” on Facebook quite some time ago. I thought it would be fun to join the tag, and since it’s completed, I figured I’d share this with you on my blog. =)

Day 1

Meteora, Greece

This photo is taken at the top of a rock pillar with a panoramic view of the Meteora valley in Greece. Despite cloudy weather, it was the most gorgeous sunset I’ve ever witnessed. Plus, I just love the place because the people are friendly and the food is yummy!

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Day 2

Hamnøy, Norway

This was my very first dark night photography and I’m happy it doesn’t turn out awful. I went to a secluded fishing village of Norway’s Lofoten Islands and walked almost 2 hours to Hamnøy before I found this spectacular mountain. Happily, the Northern Lights showed up and danced for me that night, making the combo a beautiful sight!

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Day 3

Mont Blanc, France

This picture goes all the way back to my France Trip in 2011 and it’s taken at the top of Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc*. The view looking down has a very cinematic quality to it, especially with the mystical fog and the lines leading down the climbing trail. I thought it’s a different, fresh approach to mountain photography haha.

*Unless you count Russia’s Mt. Elbrus, which is higher but debatable whether it’s in Europe or Asia.

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Day 4

Sunset Glow Over Leifeng Pagoda, West Lake, Hangzhou, China

This one is a classic West Lake (西湖) view in Hangzhou. The lake looks like it literally comes out of a Chinese painting, especially with the sunset glowing over Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰夕照). Instead of squeezing with the crowd in the popular Changqiao Park (长桥公园), I decided to walk further away to Yongjin Park (涌金公园) to soak in the lake’s tranquil beauty.

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Day 5

Reuss River, Lucerne, Switzerland

This is a shot of Reuss River which flows through the town of Lucerne in Switzerland. Imagine a morning walk through the German-influenced fairytale houses and old wooden bridge, watching local residents in outdoor benches reading newspapers and doing crossword puzzles, peaceful bell chiming in the distance, then you see lots and lots of graceful swans bathing in the warm sun, seagulls racing in the sky. Let’s just say Lucerne holds a very special place in my heart.

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Day 6

Mount Fuji as seen from Chureito Pagoda, Shimoyoshida, Japan

Today’s shot is 50% nature, 50% culture. Taken in Shimoyoshida, Japan, this shot plays on the contrast between the elusive Mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda. I’m happy Mount Fuji decided to show itself that morning, ’cause it notoriously “enjoys” hiding behind clouds. It took me hundreds steps to go up there and it was certainly worth every sweat.

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Day 7

Lengkuas Island, Belitung, Indonesia

Let’s give Indonesia the limelight. This is photographed from a lighthouse at Lengkuas Island in Belitung. Not many foreigners have heard of Belitung, which is a shame ’cause it’s a granite rock paradise much like the honeymoon island of Seychelles. The beach color is unreal and it’s rich in colorful corals underneath (see the dark spots in the photos?)

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Feel free to share with me your favorite nature photos which you’ve taken and/or seen!

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