10 Travel Resolutions for 2017

Because we all need some resolutions to help us move forward. Here are what I aim to achieve for my travel adventures in 2017:

Sheeps, New Zealand[Image Credit: MartinStr]

1. Take another footstep to a new continent

Despite all my voyages in the last five years, it’s funny how I have only been to Asia and Europe until I finally dipped my feet on the shores of Morocco four months ago—making Africa my third continent.

And I absolutely loved it! It’s very different from whatever I’ve experienced before and it’s time to expand my horizon further. I’m eyeing the Oceania region given the proximity, with New Zealand as the prime candidate, speaking of which…

2. Book tickets to 2+ countries on the Top 20 of my bucket list

Both New Zealand and Iceland have hovered at the Top 2 of my list for almost 5 years now, but it grates me that I always end up visiting somewhere else.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and make them happen this year. Timing might not be right for Iceland this year, but I can probably make at least two of these happen: New Zealand, Spain, India, Egypt, Russia or Kenya (instead of Tanzania ’cause budget).

3. Take less photos, be more in the moment

After losing 1 camera, 2 phones and 23-day worth of photos in my last misfortune-heavy trip, I realize my memories of the places I visited in Morocco and Jordan are stronger and more vivid. I suppose I’m ready to see the world with my own eyes a bit more now.

Somehow I feel I might break this rule a lot ’cause I really enjoy photography, but let’s see… no harm trying!

Papua New Guinea[Image Credit: Quiescentmind]

4. Surprise myself with a country not on my bucket list

My bucket list post is just 3 months old yet it’s already outdated.

I have since developed interests in Algeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Faroe Islands, Reunion Island, Papua New Guinea, Mali, etc. Even places like Chad surprised me once I see a picture of Guelta d’Archei!

There are a few under-the-radar destinations like Oman, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Benin which attractions I’m aware of but doesn’t really intrigue me now, but who knows… maybe I’ll be pleasantly charmed by them.

5. See 3+ neighboring attractions which I haven’t been

Can you believe that I haven’t been to Bangkok, Halong Bay, Bagan, Palawan or Luang Prabang? Not counting Indonesia and Singapore where I’ve lived, I have only been to 3 other ASEAN countries, and that’s a crime because these iconic places are just next door!

With 7 more long weekends remaining for 2017, it’s time to catch up on all these misses (P.S. I finally booked a plane to Bangkok this coming Songkran, so 2 more to go!).

Segara Anak, Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia[Image Credit: Petter Lindgren]

6. Be a tourist in Indonesia

Indonesia is definitely one of the world’s most beautiful countries (read The Emerald of the Equator: 34 Indonesia Provinces in 34 Pics), but it’s so embarassing that as an Indonesian, I have not even visited Borobudur, Prambanan, Bromo, Rinjani or Labuan Bajo yet!

I have already planned a trip to Padang this coming January, but I hope the long weekends will allow me to finally see more of Indonesia this year.

7. Spend longer in each country

Italy, Morocco, Japan, Turkey, Norway, Greece—my Top 6 destinations have one thing in common: I spend 1 week or more in each of these countries.

Having more time means I get to discover gems like Reine, Paros, Oshino Hakkai, Moulay Idriss, Ouzoud, Siena which I would’ve otherwise skipped. Sometimes it’s not the highlights, but the “mid-card” destinations which make a trip memorable.

So whichever places I’m visiting per #2 above, hopefully I get to see more of them this year instead of hopping from countries to countries!

8. Learn a new language

Earlier this year in Fez, for the first time in my life I discovered that English couldn’t help me. On desperate measures, I tried conversing in a mixture of Spanish, French, Arabic and even Berber… and failed miserably.

The world is so big and if I really want to make that dream Latin America trip a reality, I gotta brush up on my Spanish and Portuguese real quick. Maybe Mandarin and French too, so that I can explore China and Africa more in-depth.

Shipwrecks Diving, Bermuda[Image Credit: Graham Maddocks and Triangle Diving]

9. Learn diving… or at least how to float in water

Two-thirds of the world is water, and those who learn how to dive unveil a whole new world to discover. I have secretly shunned the idea of visiting beautiful places like Maldives, Raja Ampat, Philippines because I always tell myself, “It’ll be more value-for-money to visit them when I’ve actually learned how to dive… like, maybe next year.”

This is a not an easy travel resolution to keep, what with my busy 9-to-5 and all. But since I thoroughly enjoyed my snorkeling in Belitung and Aqaba last year, I’d like to brave the open sea a little more. So I hope to at least learn how to float in the water (I know how to swim, but I don’t know how to stop without holding on to something at the end).

10. Write more travelogues

While the last two years saw this blog starting to bear fruits with FAM trip and brand collaborations (for more information, see my Work With Me page), I feel like I have traveled and collaborated so much I haven’t spent as much time on the actual writing part.

There are plenty of interesting stories to tell and I’m determined to write more again. Last month sees an increase in my writing productivity and I do hope the trend continues. So do check out this space for more travelogues in the future. 🙂

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