A bizarre Chinese New Year celebration in Singkawang

Are lanterns, lion dances and fireworks too mainstream for you?

In Singkawang, not only do they have the biggest Chinese New Year celebration in all of Southeast Asia, but they celebrate it on a grotesquely outlandish scale. At the peak of the celebration is the Tatung parade at Cap Go Meh festival, where more than 600 participants fall into a trance to perform incredible stunts like stepping on swords and piercing skewers into their face.

Tatung Parade at Cap Go Meh Festival, Singkawang, Kalimantan, Indonesia[Image Credit: Paul Hessels]

Places covered include:

  1. Vihara Tri Dharma Bumi Raya
  2. Pasar Hongkong
  3. Tatung Parade (Cap Go Meh Festival)
  4. Bakso 21 Singkawang
  5. Rumah Adat Betang
  6. Rumah Adat Melayu
  7. Kwetiau Apollo
  8. A Hin Chai Kue Panas Siam

P.S. The organizing committee has announced that, unlike previous years, the 2017 festival will not be held as the date coincides with a local elections period. Nonetheless, this remains an interesting curio for upcoming Chinese New Year which you should add to your bucket list!

To read the full article with detailed itinerary, please head to Singapore n Beyond where my article was originally published.


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  1. Like this post. welcome to singkawang 🙂


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