4 Days in Belitung, the Seychelles of Asia

Dramatic granite boulders rising vertically towards the sky, snorkelling in pristine turquoise water admiring coral reefs, relaxing under the palm trees as you sip tender coconut water directly from the shell—Belitung is the secret tropical paradise you’ve never heard of.

Batu Garuda, Belitung, Indonesia
Places covered include:

  1. Mie Belitung Atep
  2. Rumah Adat Belitung
  3. Bundaran Batu Satam
  4. Tanjung Pendam
  5. Toko Oleh-Oleh KKB
  6. Tanjung Kelayang
  7. Batu Garuda
  8. Batu Berlayar
  9. Pulau Lengkuas
  10. Pulau Pasir
  11. Timpo Duluk
  12. Penyabong Beach
  13. Sahang Beachfront Cafe and Resto
  14. Batu Baginde
  15. Teluk Gembira
  16. Afa Song Sui
  17. Rumah Makan Ote
  18. Tanjung Tinggi
  19. Resto Mutiara
  20. Kaolin Lake
  21. Lighthouse Wreck
  22. Cepor Cepor

To read the full article with detailed itinerary, please head to Singapore n Beyond where my article was originally published.


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