A Tribal Visit to Tana Toraja & Culinary Makassar

Funerals, sacrifice, and… buffaloes — in the tribal land of Tana Toraja, life revolves around death. With sophisticated rituals for the deceased and characteristic boat-shaped houses called tongkonan set in a lush evergreen landscape, the highland of Toraja offers an authentic cultural experience rarely found elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

[Image Credit: Jac @ Trip in Asia]

Places covered include:

  1. Coto Nusantara
  2. Fort Rotterdam
  3. Losari Beach
  4. Masjid Amirul Mukminin
  5. Sop Konro Karebosi
  6. Rantepao
  7. Londa
  8. Lemo
  9. Kambira
  10. Suaya
  11. Bambu Restaurant
  12. Kete Kesu
  13. Buntu Pune
  14. Cafe Aras
  15. Pasar Bolu
  16. Bori Parinding
  17. Pallawa
  18. Batutumonga
  19. Lo’ko’ Mata
  20. Pana
  21. Tikala
  22. Riman Restaurant
  23. Pallubasa Serigala
  24. Trans Studio Theme Park

To read the full article with detailed itinerary, please head to Singapore n Beyond where my article was originally published.


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