An Off-the-Beaten Escape to Minahasa Highlands

Tucked away in Northern Sulawesi is a land of scenic lakes, panoramic mountains, bizarre food and jovial Minahasa people. Fertile volcanic soil brings lush greenery and nice, cool weather to the highlands, making it an ideal escape from the Southeast Asian heat. More uniquely, the people here eat just about anything—a walk around Tomohon traditional market is an eye-opening experience as you can see extreme meats like rat, bat and dog being roasted and sold here!

Lake Tondano, Minahasa Highlands, Indonesia

[Image Credit: Tanti Ruwani]

Places covered include:

  1. Lake Linow
  2. Restoran Green Garden Tomohon
  3. Pasar Extreme
  4. Pulutan Village
  5. Tumou Tou Restaurant
  6. Lake Tondano
  7. Ranopaso Hot Springs
  8. Heng Mien Restaurant
  9. Mount Mahawu
  10. RM Sineleyan
  11. Rurukan Village
  12. Rumah Makan Risoma
  13. Dego-Dego Cafe

To read the full article with detailed itinerary, please head to Singapore n Beyond where my article was originally published.

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