Best Places to Visit for a Sabbatical Break

So you’ve decided to take a career break (read What Nobody Tells You About Taking a Sabbatical Break), the next million dollar question is… where? The whole world is now your stage, but deciding where to start can be daunting.

How to Have Hassle-Free Travel with GPS Article Apps

When I travel to a foreign country, there are many times when I wish I have access to more information. Where are the best street foods in Siem Reap? I made a last-minute decision to visit Naples, but I haven’t researched much about it… what should I see? I’ve been walking all around Santorini, but I…

14 Days Epic Silk Road Journey

Imagine this—you’re going back to medieval times traveling between kingdoms and civilizations with a camel by your side, passing through rugged mountains and untouched desert, tasting exotic food along the way and marvel at the great Persian architecture. In this itinerary, I’ll show you how you can follow the footsteps of great explorers like Alexander…

7 Days Nature Photography Challenge

A friend of mine nominated me for “7 Days Nature Photography Challenge” on Facebook quite some time ago. I thought it would be fun to join the tag, and since it’s completed, I figured I’d share this with you on my blog. =)

40 Countries to Visit Next [Travel Bucket List Ideas]

As I bid farewell to 25 and prepare myself for the next quarter of my life, I think it’s finally time to post my own bucket list of countries I wish to visit in the next 25 years. It’s been a lot of fun creating this list and it helps to bring back my travel…