2016: My Year of Mini-Sabbaticals in Review

60 days on the road. 15 countries visited. While I only took 3 trips this year (as compared to 6 trips last year), this is without a doubt my most memorable traveling year yet. This is also the longest I’ve spent on the road, thanks to two mini-sabbaticals and one quick getaway. 4-7 February: Belitung @…

My 11 Most Memorable Travel Misfortune, Part 2

I have enough misadventures that it just won’t fit into one post without getting too long. Maybe some travel insurance should now hire me to be their poster child and star in advertisements for how NOT to travel. So without further ado, here’s the next 6 of my most memorable travel misfortune.

How to Travel Europe on a Budget (including Scandinavia)

Europe is expensive, but surprisingly affordable if you know where to cut your spending. I spent a grand total of S$4,875.75 (€3,085.92) for 31 days, with the following breakdown: Flight = S$1,087.50 / €688.29 Transportation = S$1,782.87 / €1,128.40 Accommodation = S$941.21 / €595.70 F&B = S$537.06 / €339.91 Entertainment = S$474.34 / €300.21 Others = S$52.77…

From Oslo to Rome: All Packed & Ready to Go!

30 days. 11 countries. I must be crazy. Oh yes, seeing that I only had less than 1 month to plan everything, I’m goddamn crazy. But after so many sleepless nights, everything’s finally set and my biggest adventure (yet) is finally happening… tomorrow! Here’s what my itinerary will look like: