1 Year, 7 Trips: My 2022 Travel in Review

40 days. 7 trips. 3 countries. 10 leave days taken. After the madness of the last two years (although I managed to squeeze some travel in 2020), it’s good to finally be out and about in the world again. While I only managed 40 days on the road (in contrast to 73 days at my…

1 Year, 13 Trips: My 2019 Travel in Review

In retrospect, it’s bizarre that the year I skipped posting my yearly travel review would turn out to be the last pre-COVID19 year. 2019 was an exceptionally busy year, but weirdly it’s also the year I squeezed in a record-high 73 days on the road. 73 days. 13 trips. 10 countries. ONLY 7 leave days…

1 Year, 13 Trips: My 2018 Travel in Review

54 days. 13 trips. 8 countries. ONLY 6.5 leave days taken! I started this blog with the principle that anyone can travel, even if you have a 9-to-5. In many ways, 2018 was a hectic year. I was involved in a massive project in my company and ended up neglecting most of my personal life, my…

10 Reasons Why Padang & Bukittinggi are Food Heaven

West Sumatran cuisine is delicious. Home to CNN’s #1 best cuisine in the world, the mouth-watering rendang in Padang and Bukittinggi is now a common staple all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But unlike anything you’ve tried in local kopitiam, the original Minangkabau cuisine here is prepared with a delicate mix of spices which are sure-fire winners!

8 New Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

It’s time to refresh your bucket list and brave a different kind of adventure beyond the classic destinations. Not sure where to start? Dive into our picks for up-and-coming 2018 destinations below and start booking your flights.