A Tribal Visit to Tana Toraja & Culinary Makassar

Funerals, sacrifice, and… buffaloes — in the tribal land of Tana Toraja, life revolves around death. With sophisticated rituals for the deceased and characteristic boat-shaped houses called tongkonan set in a lush evergreen landscape, the highland of Toraja offers an authentic cultural experience rarely found elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

A Cultural Weekend in Surabaya

As Indonesia’s second largest city, Surabaya is a centre of commerce and few foreign visitors come to the city for tourism purposes, preferring to have a short layover on their way to Mount Bromo. But don’t make the mistake—Surabaya has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history, food and attractions.

An Artsy & Hipster Weekend in South Jakarta

Escape the tourist attractions and glass-encased towers of the CBD and head to the unique neighbourhoods of South Jakarta. Enjoy lanes filled with hip restaurants, art galleries, boutique shop houses and underground pubs.

A Lively Weekend in Glittering Jakarta

Jakarta is a city of many faces with towering skyscrapers and well-preserved historic monuments inhabiting the city centre side by side. Beyond the heavy traffic, the Indonesian capital hides a bustling art scene, glittering nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines and countless shopping paradise.

4 Days in Belitung, the Seychelles of Asia

Dramatic granite boulders rising vertically towards the sky, snorkelling in pristine turquoise water admiring coral reefs, relaxing under the palm trees as you sip tender coconut water directly from the shell—Belitung is the secret tropical paradise you’ve never heard of.