1 Year, 13 Trips: My 2019 Travel in Review

In retrospect, it’s bizarre that the year I skipped posting my yearly travel review would turn out to be the last pre-COVID19 year. 2019 was an exceptionally busy year, but weirdly it’s also the year I squeezed in a record-high 73 days on the road. 73 days. 13 trips. 10 countries. ONLY 7 leave days…

Best Time to Visit Asia Pacific Countries

Every destination has its season. Bad weather, monsoon, heat wave and freezing days can ruin a vacation. But worry no more, you can now use this cheat sheet to plan a hassle-free vacation around Asia Pacific for any times of the year!

Relax by the Floating Villages of Inle Lake

Inle is Myanmar’s second largest lake. Many of the local Inthas still live in simple wooden and bamboo stilt houses with a strong farming and fishing tradition. A trip to Inle Lake can be relaxing, but also culturally eye-opening.

A Blissful Break in Mandalay

As the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar, Mandalay is the centre of Burmese culture, dotted with over 700 pagodas and the not-any-less-impressive population of 1.23 million. Dominated by the vibrant Bamar and Shan ethnic groups, Chinese immigrants and the largest community of monks in the country, the cultural diversity here…

Best Places to Visit for a Sabbatical Break

So you’ve decided to take a career break (read What Nobody Tells You About Taking a Sabbatical Break), the next million dollar question is… where? The whole world is now your stage, but deciding where to start can be daunting.