Best Time to Visit Asia Pacific Countries

Every destination has its season. Bad weather, monsoon, heat wave and freezing days can ruin a vacation. But worry no more, you can now use this cheat sheet to plan a hassle-free vacation around Asia Pacific for any times of the year! Advertisements

2 Weeks in New Zealand for $2.7K? You Must Be Joking!

“New Zealand is VERY expensive.” Friends and travelers had warned me about the sky-high budget which I will need to fork out for New Zealand. On average, most people spend about $3.5-5K, but here I will share some tips on how I managed to keep everything under $3K for a 13-day overland trip to New…

Best Places to Visit for a Sabbatical Break

So you’ve decided to take a career break (read What Nobody Tells You About Taking a Sabbatical Break), the next million dollar question is… where? The whole world is now your stage, but deciding where to start can be daunting.