Taiwan: Trip Summary & Suggested Itinerary

Don’t jam-pack the whole Taiwan into 8 days I used to belong to “the more, the better” school of travelers. I’ve done a few places with this principle successfully, so it only made sense for me to do the same with Taiwan. After all, Taiwan seems to be a relatively small country and mostly everything…

3 Places in Taiwan I Didn’t Visit (That I Totally Should)

Taiwan is huge. We’ve spent 8 days exploring the whole island, but we’re far from experiencing the gems that it has to offer. I’ve compiled a list of three destinations that I would most likely see myself returning to Taiwan for. This time, all three destinations are natural beauties—I guess I’ve seen enough cities and night…

Taiwan D7: Taipei 101 (Again!)

There’s no way we’re leaving Taiwan without visiting Taipei 101! I’ve been craving to see Taipei 101 from up-and-close, and I don’t think seeing it from 1km away is sufficient to fully appreciate the whole scale and magnitude of the building… it‘s one of the world’s tallest, for Christ’s sake!

Taiwan D7: Tamsui Old Street & Shilin Night Market

Tamsui Old Street Located along the shores of Taiwan Strait, Tamsui used to be one of the biggest ports in Northern Taiwan. This riverside is destined for perfect afternoon strolls and it’s also the filming site of an uber-popular Taiwan drama called “Meteor Garden”.

Taiwan D7: National Center for Traditional Arts & Zhong Lie Shi

National Center for Traditional Arts Located in Yilan, the National Center for Traditional Arts provides a good cultural experience on traditional folk craftmanship, arts, music, drama and dance. Unlike most Chinese museums which love to flaunt dynasty antiques and royal jewels from hundred years ago (which I find it hard to relate with), this one focuses…