Taiwan D7: National Center for Traditional Arts & Zhong Lie Shi

National Center for Traditional Arts Located in Yilan, the National Center for Traditional Arts provides a good cultural experience on traditional folk craftmanship, arts, music, drama and dance. Unlike most Chinese museums which love to flaunt dynasty antiques and royal jewels from hundred years ago (which I find it hard to relate with), this one…

Taiwan D5-6: Spectacular Hualien & Taroko Gorge(ous)

Taroko didn’t make my sacred pre-trip list as the pictures I’ve seen didn’t impress me. Upon reaching the Taroko Gorge, I finally understood why: pictures can’t do this wonder justice. It’s too huge, too majestic, too beautiful to fit into a camera frame. In Truku language, Taroko means “magnificent and beautiful”—a well-justified name.

Taiwan D5: East Coast Road Trip & Taitung Hot Springs

I don’t get it. My feet were aching to soak in the Pacific Ocean, to feel the sand of Taiwan’s East Coast brushing against my toes. There were dozens of deserted beaches with very few people around (sometimes none), a far cry from the hustle and bustle of over-commercialized destinations like Phuket. But the bus…

Taiwan D5: Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center

Buddhism is one of the religions which I respect as it has sophisticated philosophical roots. Fo Guang Shan is one of the largest Buddhist organizations with deep Mahāyāna tradition. In 1998, upon receiving one of the last remaining tooth relics of Gautama Buddha from Tibet, the organization began to erect the Buddha Memorial Center so…

Taiwan D4: Liuhe, the Ultimate Seafood Indulgence

Located on the Liuhe Second Road in Kaohsiung’s Singsing District, Liuhe Night Market specializes in both classic and exotic seafood dishes that will not fail to make your mouth water—egg-wrapped oysters, prawn balls, bite-sized fried crabs, octopus-tentacles-on-a-stick, lobsters with garlic fillings—this is one of those posts where pictures will speak louder than words.