50 Places Indonesian Passport Holders Can Travel to Without Visa Hassle

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and your dream holiday is one visa application. After all the hassles, there’s still that little dreaded possibility that you have to cancel the getaway because your visa application is rejected. Being Indonesian, your vacation options are even more limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to beautiful or even…

Krabi’s Best Beaches: #1 – Hong Island

Hong Island is essentially Maya Bay‘s breathtaking beauty minus the disgusting crowd. Maya Bay on an empty day would theoretically beat Hong Island, but good luck with that impossible quest. As far as I’m concerned, Hong Island offers the best tropical island experience you can get in Krabi.

Krabi’s Best Beaches: #3 – Bamboo Island

Emerald green water. Turquoise blue sky. Waves crashing against white sand. Bamboo Island is Krabi’s most underrated beach, and we almost skipped it. Thankfully we didn’t.