Suggested Turkey Travel Itinerary & My Trip Summary

So many things to see, so little time… It’s not everyday that you get to visit a country as exotic as Turkey, and spending no more than one week in the country remains one of my biggest travel regrets. What can you learn from my mistake? How would I have done this differently?

7 More Turkey Destinations to Visit (That I Haven’t)

Despite my tragic Turkey itinerary, I discovered new gems in the lovely country and my bucket list kept growing even before I returned from the trip. Here are a few highlights that I hope to visit the next time I find myself in Turkey again:

7 More Places I Visited in Turkey: Worthies or Tourist Traps?

Here’s when I stop pretending that everything about Turkey is perfect. If you go through my other Turkey reviews, you’ll read about this awesome, completely unique country with historical cityscapes, inspiring ruins, exotic natural wonders and hyper-magical Turkish bath. However, like any other top destinations on Earth, Turkey has its own share of tourist traps and less-known sites.

A Steamy Turkish Bath Experience

“You don’t leave Turkey without going to a hamam.” I was told by everyone from travel guides, hotel staffs to newly-made friends that a hamam (Turkish bath) experience is not to be missed. It’s a cultural thing—some of the hamams in Istanbul even date back to the Empire days. Sadly, I missed the historical hamams in Istanbul. But I quickly made…