Top 10 Things to Do in Dubai

In Dubai, the city is brimming with excitement and every attraction is bigger than life. The next time you have a stopover in Dubai, consider extending your stay for a couple of days to do the following activities.

2016: My Year of Mini-Sabbaticals in Review

60 days on the road. 15 countries visited. While I only took 3 trips this year (as compared to 6 trips last year), this is without a doubt my most memorable traveling year yet. This is also the longest I’ve spent on the road, thanks to two mini-sabbaticals and one quick getaway. 4-7 February: Belitung…

24 Hours in Abu Dhabi: 6 Free Things to Do

Abu Dhabi represents extravagance and luxury at its finest order, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to enjoy this city. Here are 6 things I did on my recent layover in Abu Dhabi.

When Travel Goes Wrong

Most people go home with lots of photos after their holidays. I went home with lots of scars to remember my last trip by.

7 Things I Can’t Wait to Do in Jordan, Morocco & UAE

My life has taken many twisted turns in recent months, and all of a sudden, I find myself on a crazy voyage to three Middle East countries in a week’s time! This is definitely gonna be my biggest adventure yet… …well, either this or my 11 European Countries in 31 Days trip. There are so…