2017 Future Mainstream Classics

[Image Credit: Praying Official Video] 2017 is an idiosyncratic year. It’s the year that mainstream becomes uncool. Katy Perry went “woke pop”, Kesha dropped the dollar sign, Lady Gaga became Joanne, Miley Cyrus stuck her tongue back in to embrace her country roots. In attempt to establish “indie cred”, some artists got it right. But…

1 Year, 11 Trips: My 2017 Travel in Review

62 days on the road. 11 trips. 11 countries visited. Somehow I managed to outdo last year by two days. But as I shared on my 2018 Travel Resolutions, this is also the year I officially hit travel fatigue—not so much on the number of days on the road, but more because my poor brain is always…

8 Travel Resolutions for 2018

With my semi-success in achieving my 2017 Travel Resolutions (4 out of 10 isn’t half-bad!), I may have to continue the tradition of pushing myself forward in seeing the world again for another year. Here are my travel resolutions for 2018:

2017 Travel Resolutions: A Retrospective Look

Because all resolutions are made to be broken right? Last year, I wrote my very first New Year’s Travel Resolutions—in fact, my first any resolution list—and it’s fun to look back at what I set out to achieve in 2017. Turns out… I’m pleasantly surprised I actually achieved some of these!

10 Days Caucasus Itinerary: Linking Asia & Europe

The fabled lands of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are unheard of by many, but this mountainous region harbors some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and ethno-cultural treasures where Christian and Muslim heritages intersect, millennia-old civilization thrives between wealthy metropolises, and the boundaries of Europe and Asia blur. To help you plan your visit to…