Budapest (Hungary) – Destination of the Month (Jun ’17)

“When I first came to Budapest, I was bowled over by an often sad but confident city whose history seemed too complex to comprehend, by a beautiful but impenetrable language, and by a people I thought I’d never know.” – Steve Fallon

Graffiti in Athens: Street Art or Trash?

There’s nowhere else on Earth where graffiti is more prevalent than Athens. It’s the very first thing you notice as soon as you step your feet on the city. It’s striking. It’s epidemic. It’s screaming for your attention. But is it art or vandalism?

Greece Day 10: Sunset Over Skyline at Mount Lycabettus

On another last-minute stroke of madness, we decided to take cable car to the top of Mount Lycabettus. This wasn’t part of our original itinerary, but upon witnessing the beauty of Athens in person, I heartily recommend a visit to Mount Lycabettus. You just shouldn’t skip it!

Greece Day 10: Orange is the New White in Arachova

We all love the quaint white marble houses of Santorini, Mykonos, and the often-overlooked Paros, but Greece is so much more than these Cyclades villages. The orange-roofed houses of Arachova was an unexpected find.