The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Cherry Blossom: When & Where

There are few experiences which can rival the romantic notion of walking along tranquil Japanese gardens as pretty sakura petals bloom above you, or joining the hordes of locals having a picnic under large pink canopies for hanami (flower viewing) and a sip of Japanese beer.

Kyoto – Destination of the Month (Mar ’17)

In 1945, more than 130,000 civilians lost their lives when the world’s most deadliest weapon was dropped at the epicenter of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What most history books didn’t teach is that Kyoto was originally designated to be the first city to befall into the horrific fate.

Suggested Itinerary for 11 Days in Japan

It’s been almost 10 months since I first wrote about my then-upcoming Japan trip, but I haven’t written much about the country—and half a dozen other countries which are still in the queue list, for that matter! But since I already received a few requests to share my complete Japan itinerary, I suppose I can’t…

New Year, New Country: I’m Going to Japan for 2015!

Everytime I arrive at work, the first thing I see on my screen is the photogenic sight of Chureito Pagoda. It’s standing there in Fujiyoshida with its striking crimson beauty, overlooking a sea of cherry blossoms and the snow-capped Mount Fuji in the distance. Then I tell myself, “Go earn them coins, Andrew!” and open…