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Click on a destination to read travel guides and itineraries:

Cambodia Travel Guide & ItinerariesChina Travel Guide & ItinerariesHong Kong Travel Guide & ItinerariesIndonesia Travel Guide & ItinerariesJapan Travel Guide & ItinerariesMalaysia Travel Guide & ItinerariesSingapore Travel Guide & ItinerariesSouth Korea Travel Guide & ItinerariesTaiwan Travel Guide & ItinerariesThailand Travel Guide & Itineraries


Click on a destination to read travel guides and itineraries:

Austria Travel Guide & ItinerariesCzech Republic Travel Guide & ItinerariesDenmark Travel Guide & ItinerariesFrance Travel Guide & ItinerariesGermany Travel Guide & ItinerariesGreece Travel Guide & ItinerariesHungary Travel Guide & ItinerariesItaly Travel Guide & ItinerariesNetherlands Travel Guide & ItinerariesNorway Travel Guide & ItinerariesSlovakia Travel Guide & ItinerariesSweden Travel Guide & ItinerariesSwitzerland Travel Guide & ItinerariesVatican City Travel Guide & Itineraries

Middle East

Click on a destination to read travel guides and itineraries:

Jordan Travel Guide & ItinerariesQatar Travel Guide & ItinerariesTurkey Travel Guide & ItinerariesUnited Arab Emirates Travel Guide & Itineraries


Click on a destination to read travel guides and itineraries:

Morocco Travel Guide & Itineraries

Not sure where to start?

Here are some highlights:

– Check out the Destination of the Month page for the absolute best places to visit.

– Check out the following guides with destination recommendations to help you plan your 2017 vacation:
— 2017 Holidays Guide for Singapore Long Weekends
2017 Holidays Guide for Indonesia Public Holidays

31 Days, 11 Countries, 43 Cities: How to Travel Europe for S$4.8K / €3K – That time I went berserk and explored Scandinavia, Western Europe & Central Europe in one trip, including hunting the elusive aurora.

– Scenic Hiking in Santorini, from Fira to Oia – Here are 28 photos highlighting the best of Santorini hiking and guide to find those famous postcard spots!

Your Complete Guide to Northern Lights: Where, When, How – Worry no more… this guide is all you need to plan that once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

– How to Photograph the Northern Lights: A Beginner’s Guide – Aurora photography made simple so that everyday people like us don’t have to go home empty-handed.

The Beggars Dilemma: Why I Skipped Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia – Does giving perpetuate more harm than good? And if so, what can we do as a responsible traveler to non-First World countries?

A Steamy Turkish Bath Experience – Imagine living the life of a sultan for a day.

Cambodia’s Crunchy Crawlies: Andrew Vs. Exotic “Food” – Spiders… Snakes… Frogs… Food correspondent Andrew braved himself to report on Khmer’s finest culinary.

– 10 Reasons Why Medan is Food Heaven! – I’m really proud about this one because it’s my first viral post (hit 1K FB shares in 2 days) AND it’s about my hometown. Medan is not on the radar for most travelers, but that’s a shame because the food is second to none!

Taiwan: Trip Summary & Suggested Itinerary – My entire Taiwan series has become my most viewed and inquired entry. If it has helped people to plan their Taiwan trip, then I’m happy about it! 🙂

– What Nobody Tells You About Taking a Sabbatical Break – An honest thought on evaluating whether you should take a sabbatical and how to return to workforce after the break.

Have fun browsing! For questions and suggestions, contact me.

A little more about myself…

I’m a full-time cubicle-dweller slowly making my travel dreams come true. I dream about going on sabbatical and explore the different sights and culture that the world has to offer, but alas, it never happened! (Update: Although it’s just for one month, it finally happened!)

If you’re like me—a young professional who wants to build career first, but don’t want to find yourself regretting in the future that you never lived while you’re young, Scarlet Scribbles is here to show you how to do it.

Ever since 2011, I’ve made the commitment to visit 1-2 new destinations every year. Ideally: one budget trip, one splurge trip. Whatever your travel plan is, I hope you find something useful here! Stop dreaming, start planning your next adventure.


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